Mongoose Traveller Spacecraft Design

Name of ship: Name of class:

Classification code:

Costs/MCr: Cargo/t:

Step Select Volume/Tons Cost/MCr Notes

1. Choose a Hull
1.a Choose Hull configuration
1.b Optionally, install armour
1.c Select Options Self Sealing (TL 9)
Reflect (TL 10)
Stealth (TL 11)
2.a Choose Manoeuver-Drive
2.b Choose Jump-Drive
3. Choose Power Plant
4. Allocate Fuel

5. Bridge
6. Install a computer
Computer Options Jump Control Specialisation (bis)
Hardened Systems (fib)
6.a Choose Software

7.Install Sensors
8a. Staterooms
8b. Low Berth
8c. Emergency Low Berth
8d. Stateroom Luxuries

9a. Fuel Scoops Fuel Scoops
9b. Fuel Processor
10a. Mining Drones
Repair Drone
10b. Probe Drones
10c. Escape Pods

11a. Ships Boat 1
11b. Ships Boat 2
12a. Turrets 1
Select Options Pop-Up Turrets
Fixed Mounting
12b. Turrets 2
Select Options Pop-Up Turrets
Fixed Mounting
13a. Turret Weapons 1
13b. Turret Weapons 2
13c. Turret Weapons 3
14a. Bay Weapons 1
14b. Bay Weapons 2
15. Screens Nuclear Damper
Meson Screen

Costs/MCr: Cargo/t: